How Australian Compounding Pharmacists Help Keep Pets and Livestock Healthy

People have very particular and individual medical needs, and so do the pets they own and care so much about. Every living thing, no matter how much it might resemble others, has its own unique biological features and characteristics. Medical treatments that account for these better than others have that much more of a chance of being successful.

Compounding Veterinary Medicines to Help Animals in Need

As info about Nick Bova found online makes clear, certain veterinary pharmacists put this lesson into practice for the benefit of animals throughout Australia. Whereas compounding pharmacies that serve human patients are common, those that are capable of providing whatever pets and livestock might need are much less so.

By founding what is now the country’s busiest veterinary compounding pharmacy, Bova has helped save the lives of many pets and other animals over the years. In some cases, only a properly compounded medication will be of any help at all.

Many Ways of Making Medications More Useful to Pets and Other Animals

Just as with compounded medicines that are meant for human beings, those formulated for animals can be targeted at a number of possible goals. Some of the more common motivations include:

  • Making medicines more palatable: Some pets might be willing to ingest almost anything, but many are reluctant to swallow pills or bitter, strange-tasting syrups. Medicines that are compounded into more flavorful and appealing form can be much easier to administer to animals.
  • Changing the format of a medication: Certain kinds of veterinary medicines will only be available in particular forms, whether that means a time-release pill or liquid drops meant for oral ingestion. Working under the direction of a veterinarian, a compounding pharmacist will often turn one form of medication into another.
  • Combining several medications into one dose: Being forced to give a pet several pills can be even more difficult than with just one. Once again, veterinarians will sometimes direct that pharmacists combine several medications into individual doses containing measured quantities of each.

By making medications more accessible and better tuned to the needs of pets, livestock, and other animals, compounding pharmacists help keep them healthier. Given that every animal is unique in its own various ways, this often turns out to be necessary and helpful.